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You can enjoy a lifetime of unforgettable vacations by becoming a Marriott Vacation Club Owner. All you have to do is choose the right amount of Vacation Club Points for your family's current vacation lifestyle. Then you can add to them over time as your family grows or your vacation time or needs expand. You can become an Owner with a purchase of as few as 1,500 Vacation Club Points. Whatever Ownership level you choose, you'll have a deeded interest in real estate that entitles you to receive a new allotment of Vacation Club Points to use as you like each and every year.

Call xxx-xxx-xxxx or complete an online form for details about special offers available only online. A Marriott Vacation Club® advisor can help determine your vacation needs and provide a customized plan for how you can afford your dream vacations. Be sure to ask about the exclusive usage benefits available at elevated owner benefit levels.

Here are a few examples of popular Vacation Club Points levels:

Vacation Club Points Financing Available* Approximate Annual
Maintenance Fees
Down Payment Approximate
Monthly Payment
1,500 Points $1,977 $2891 $755 Vacation Examples
2,500 Points $3,295 $4552 $1,258 Vacation Examples
3,500 Points $4,613 $5833 $1,761 Vacation Examples

*Financing may be available to qualified purchasers. Financing terms may vary. Closing costs are additional. Monthly payments do not include annual maintenance fees or annual club dues. 120 monthly payments based on 10-year fixed rate loan.

†The vacation examples depicted herein are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee that specific resorts will be available for specific dates. The Vacation Club Points necessary to occupy specific resorts on specific dates are not guaranteed and may change from time to time. Please see the applicable Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Timeshare Plan and/or Exchange Program documents for more information.

1 Based on an interest rate of 13.99%, yielding an annual percentage rate of 15.14%
2 Based on an interest rate of 12.99%, yielding an annual percentage rate of 13.68%
3 Based on an interest rate of 10.99%, yielding an annual percentage rate of 11.49%

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How to Become an Owner
Vacation Examples and Pricing | Marriott Vacation ClubView Marriott Vacation Club pricing information and examples. Choose the right amount of vacation points that fit your family's vacation lifestyle.