Smart Reasons to Purchase Marriott Vacation Club® Resale Timeshare

Today, Vacation Ownership or "timeshare weeks" is a sophisticated avenue to enjoying dream vacations in popular destinations worldwide. With traditional timeshare, you purchase a specific amount of time at a resort. But when you purchase a Marriott Vacation Club® resale timeshare, your vacation time is flexible.

Discover the Difference with Marriott Vacation Club

  • Since 1984, Marriott Vacation Club has been a leader in the timeshare industry. And today, we provide unforgettable vacations experiences and consistent, quality service to more than 420,000 Owners from around the world.
  • Marriott Vacation Club offers one of the largest and most respected networks of resorts.
  • Marriott Vacation Club is affiliated with the exchange company Interval International®, giving you access to hundreds of resorts worldwide through membership in Interval International.

Explore the Advantages of Marriott Vacation Club Ownership

  • Own an interest in a luxury vacation villa in a premier location.
  • Purchase only the time you need without tying up a large amount of money.
  • Experience ownership without the responsibilities of maintaining and insuring a vacation home year-round.
  • Enjoy the option to exchange your vacation home for other destinations worldwide.

How Ownership Works

  • Choose the week that best suits your vacation schedule instead of being locked into the same week year after year.
  • Exchange your week(s) for time at other vacation ownership resorts.
  • Depending on the week purchased, you may also have the ability to trade for Marriott Rewards® points.
  • Rent, sell or will your week(s) to heirs.
Hotel and Villa Comparison Typical Hotel Rental Typical Marriott
Vacation Club Villa
Accommodations 2 to 4 persons,
rollaway beds on request
6 to 8 persons
in spacious comfort*
Common Usable Area*
400 square feet 1,200 square feet
Typical Floorplan 1 room with bath Living and dining areas;
2 baths; washer/dryer
Dining Options Dine out or room service Fully equipped kitchen
with service for 8
Television and Entertainment 1 television set Multiple television sets
and a DVD player
Long-term Financial Rewards Receipts Deed

*Square footage is approximate measurement and is used only for demonstration purposes.
*Developer's conceptual rendering of a typical 2-bedroom villa. Individual resort features, furnishings and amenities may vary.